Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Friday, November 23, 2012

Golden Spike Bottle Openers

i made these bottle openers out of old railroad spikes, after heating em up and mashing em with a hammer, they are brass plated. they're for sale in my store

i only have one left! but ill be making another batch soon.


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Triumph jig

I decided to rebuild the back end of my triumph frame. After building the jig, I realized how far off the frame was. The guy who built this tail section in the 60s must've been pretty high when he built it!


It snowed in the city, I figured I'd try going for a ride, that was a bad idea

Fork Shavin'

I shaved the fender and brake mounts off these XS forks.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Moto Monday for October

moto monday this month is at Brewvies, not Este. its free to see the movies, but donations are appreciated to the cover the theater rental cost. i hope to see everyone there! it should be an awesome time!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tire testing

ady skipped school today so we could ride our motorbikes up the canyon. yesterday was her birthday, and i just put some new tires on her CL125a. so we wanted to test them out.

I gave Ady this jacket for her birthday, i sewed a piece of mexican blanket on the back section.
Ady said her new tires rock!
we stopped and went for a little walk on the Emigration Trail, i thought the snake grass was neat!

we stopped on the way back at this little cafe, we had never been there. our new favorite place.
we saw this couch when we got back into the city.

Sunday, July 29, 2012


 Ady and i set up camp pretty quick

Nick and his dog on his bike

David getting loose

 Dan and Jared switched bikes for a little while

Kuma (sp?) climbing up a tree!

 Getting rained (and hailed) on. Nick let me park under his tarp

Jared cooling off

Lets go!

David borrowed my camera to take this shot of me! thanks!

Nick relaxing
then surfing!

it was hot on the way home so we all stopped to do some swimming

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Born Free weekend

i went down to LA with the XS and the harley for born free 4. it was an epic weekend to say the least

 wildfires in utah :( lots of people losing their homes. we were under a cloud of smoke for an hour of driving

 the day before the show, we went to the beach! so much fun and refreshing

the show was huge!
 nice paint

 water-cooled knucklehead
 Max Schaaf had the craziest gastank i've seen, very nice bike. i really liked the stance.
after the show i saw Max and gave him some praise, he was having trouble kicking his pan, he asked me to kick it over for him! but he got it going that last kick before i could give it a shot...
all the pro builders were very nice. Caleb Owens won the biker series. lot of good bike builders getting recognition with awards.
 one of the few XS that was there surprisingly... lots of nice work on this
 great engraving

  the show was winding down so i brought my bike over to the Pangeaspeed booth where i was hanging out all afternoon, i needed to load up my gear. we wanted to swim in the nearby lake after the show, but they said "no swimming"

 the harley broke down on the way to Chabott Engineering. i think its the voltage regulator (18v is too high!)
 we made it to Shinya's shop

 Shinya is very talanted! very inspirational bikes

then we went for a good canyon ride! the california canyons are very long. shinya rode the CB450, Ayu rode her SR500, and Cal borrowed Shinya's ironhead. very fun!

more wildfires back in utah...

i met a lot of cool people, i look forward to seeing everyone next year
thanks for looking!